Barbara Merrill - Founder, Sukhamat

Yoga Knee Pad – SukhaMat

In my previous life as a horse trainer and avid runner, my body had been pretty beat up. About 5 years ago, at 42, I decided to take up yoga. I immediately fell in love with the physical aspect of it and later, the spiritual. But, right from the beginning, I had to modify postures, use a towel under my knees or fold the mat for extra cushion on my sit bones, knees and elbows. This became very tiresome, so I cut up an old mat to provide extra cushion, creating a yoga knee pad. It wasn’t quite enough, so, I found a mat material that was 10mm thick, (with the help of my talented husband) cut it to the length and width I thought would be the most versatile, used it one time and discovered it was just what I was hoping for…the right combination of support and comfort!

Since I work at a yoga studio, I began asking people to use my new yoga knee pad during their practice and tell me what they thought. The response was immediately positive! The SukhaMat (Sanskrit meaning; happiness, pleasure, ease, or bliss) Yoga Knee Pad was born.

Barbara Merrill
Barbara Merrill, 200RYT
SukhaMat Yoga Knee Pad